Caernarfon Jobs

Being a town where much of its economy is now based on tourism, the jobs market in Caernarfon tends to be more seasonal than most. The town however does still have a manufacturing base which is actively recruiting and jobs are available in retail, sales, administration and many other areas.

Despite the popularity of the internet in job searching, your first step should still be the local newspaper as many local firms prefer to advertise where they have done so for years and their adverts might not even make it online. The best newspapers to look in are the North Wales Chronicle and the Caernarfon Herald. It’s often possible to find adverts in national industry specific publications that don’t appear, or are harder to find, online too. These publications can be found in larger newsagents and some book stores.

Mechanical engineers are in demand in the area as the town is still undergoing something of a construction boom. Despite the remoteness the town has jobs in sectors such as informational technology and software development that you’d typically expect would be confined to large urban areas.

Part time jobs are best found in the industries servicing tourist needs, such as waiting at restaurants or working at hotels. Those who have Welsh language skills are particularly important as the town is popular with tourists from the rest of the country, and language skills in other languages can also help you get a job as tourists come from across the world not always being able to speak English or Welsh.

In the summer when flocks of tourists descend on the town is often the best time to look for jobs, whether in the tourism sector or not or whether part time or not. The tourism industry creates demand for services outside its the obvious industries, hence there often is a spike of jobs available in all sectors around the Spring.

Consider getting specialist qualifications in areas related to tourism to ensure that you get the best job possible. Taking a course in hotel or restaurant management might help you get a promotion that will mean not only more pay but often a more fulfilling job.

If you’re wanting a year round job don’t be put off by the temporary contracts offered in the Summer. See these as potential long term interviews where you get paid. Often hotels, restaurants and other employers will recruit to full time jobs from those already working high-season contracts with them, so if you do you’re job efficiently and well there’s a reasonable chance it might become more than the six months you were recruited for. After all not all the tourists leave in winter.

Of course there’s the option of commuting from Caernarfon to jobs slightly further away. Anglesey often has jobs due to the ferrys that depart from there and it’s also possible to commute as far as the North of England within a day. The scenery along the route is breathtaking and almost makes up for having to travel this far on a daily basis.