Caernarfon Restaurants

Restaurant in Caernarfon (photo by Quimby)

Caernarfon is not short of excellent restaurants and there’s far too many for us to review in this short article, so we’ve instead selected some of the best to suit as many tastes as possible. Don’t be put off if a restaurant you see isn’t on this list, it could well be as good or better than those here, we simply don’t have the words or the space in our stomachs to review them all!

A trip to a town by the sea wouldn’t be complete anywhere in the British isles without a trip to a fish and chip restaurant. Perhaps the best in Caernarfon is Ainsworth’s Traditional Fish and Chips located on Bont Bridd. With almost universally good reviews you might find you’re eating the best example of fish and chips you’ve ever had. The fish is particularly well thought of, and the service comes with a smile and the restaurant is kept immaculately clean. It does get busy at times though, so if there’s a queue be prepared to wait.

If you’re visiting Wales you shouldn’t leave before you’ve tried some of the local cuisine. Y Gegin Fach on Pool Hill is probably has the best Welsh food in the town. The prices are excellent value a too, with main meals typically less than £6. The owners are a Welsh family who are welcoming to all that come in to their cosy cafe. You won’t get more home-cooked than this!

Of course the most famous place to eat in the town is The Black Boy Inn, which doubles up as both an inn and a hotel. Being the oldest pub in the town it has a old world feel while providing the best in locally sourced food. The portions are big and the food delicious, particular favourites being the puddings and the breakfasts. Don’t forget to try the pies though, which are the speciality of this place. Due to its fame you’ll often be waiting for a table at busy times.

If you’re fancying something with a little less grease while not visiting Ouzo and Olives, a Greek restaurant with amazing wine, a brilliant ambiance and tasty food. If you’re used to the portion sizes in Black Boy Inn you might be a little disappointed but the prices are reasonable enough that several courses won’t be out of most diners reach.

Of course sometimes we want a little spice in our lives. Caernarfon doesn’t let us down for curry, with Bengal Spice providing amazing Indian food where only the service beats the quality of the food. For those with a taste for Chinese food then Fu’s Cantonese Restaurant proves popular with locals and tourists alike, although the food tends to empathise either its sweet or spicy qualities which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit more up market then try Ty’n Rhos restaurant. A mix of traditional meat and seafood meals are perfect for special occasions, but the price limits it to such occasions for most.